Dollar Tree Fall Craft

With my favorite season fast approaching, I wanted to share a simple fall Dollar Tree craft. This quaint craft was both easy and inexpensive, two of my favorite things.

I love experimenting with different craft supplies to create something memorable. Wooden cut-outs and signs are plentiful at every craft and department store, and there are so many ways you can make them truly unique and beautiful. Paint, Diamond Dotz, fabric, or gem accents, it’s never wrong if you like it. Plus, they’re perfect for all ages, young or old. For this sign, I combined a couple different laser cut-outs, paint and some pearl accents.

Supplies: Dollar Tree pumpkin sign, “fall” laser-cut sign, acrylic paint, half-flat pearl beads in various sizes, small bit of cardboard and some glue.

First, I painted the pumpkin cut-out. I used acrylic paint I had on hand in orange, green and brown. The wood is porous, so it may take several coats to get the color vibrant.

To give the size some shine, I used some pearl accents. I found this collection of half-flat pearl beads in eight different sizes on Amazon. The pearls not only give the sign an elegant look, but also add some texture and shine.

To apply the pearl accents, you can use Elmer’s Glue or a glue gun. I used a tweezer since they’re very slippery. Before I glued them, I laid out the pearls so the spacing looked good. Then I marked the spots where I wanted the pearls with a pencil. Allow plenty of time for the glue to dry before moving on to the next part.

Then, I worked on the “fall” cut-out. I picked up this piece on Amazon, but just about every craft store has similar laser-cut products in a wide variety of sayings. I decided on an earthy brown color that would pop against the pale colors I chose for the pumpkin.

To give the cut-out a more dimensional look, I cut small pieces from a discarded piece of cardboard and glued them to the back before adding the words to the pumpkin. Then I glued it to the center of the pumpkin.

This sign is now proudly hanging by my front door. I had a lot of fun using different craft items to make the sign my own unique design. Signs like this are the perfect craft to use up some of the lingering craft supplies in your house. Happy crafting!

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