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Wooden Easter Sign

For this month, I was planning to unveil a pattern for a TV table runner I’ve been working on. However, after several failed attempts at the pattern, I decided it might need an additional month. Crafting is supposed to be my escape, after all, but sometimes I get frustrated when things don’t come out theContinue reading “Wooden Easter Sign”

Measuring Cup Ornament

This quaint craft is perfect to do with your kids on a cold afternoon. After this flu/cold/COVID season, many of us have a bunch of those little plastic measuring cups that come attached to the top of cough syrup bottles. Instead of trashing them, I’ve come up with a small and easy craft to upcycleContinue reading “Measuring Cup Ornament”

Winter Box with Lights

This past Christmas season I was shopping at TJ Maxx looking for some last-minute items for stocking stuffers. In the long, winding checkout line, a small white box caught my eye. It was made from lightweight balsam wood and had a simple snowflake stamped on it. At $7.99, I decided to throw it on topContinue reading “Winter Box with Lights”

The Coffee Frame

Much like crafting, coffee is another passion of mine. The first thing I reach for when I wake up is my precious morning cup. There’s something comforting about holding a hot cup of coffee early in the morning. Because I drink so much coffee, I have an assortment of coffee mugs that I use. I’mContinue reading “The Coffee Frame”

Wooden Butterfly Figurine

The last few weeks at work have been hard on me.  With the world adjusting to life in what seems like an endless pandemic, everyone seems stressed.  Working in healthcare has its challenges, but a particularly tough patient had me in tears recently.  It’s funny (or not so funny) how one person can ruin yourContinue reading “Wooden Butterfly Figurine”


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