Spiderweb Pin Art

With Halloween just a week away, I wanted to update my pin art frame with a spooky print. Since it can be difficult to depict objects with sequins, I wanted something that was unmistakable for the season. I finally thought of the perfect idea: a spiderweb. Once I got the hang of creating the tracing for the web, I realized what a simple, yet effective way it was to add a bit of Halloween to my wall. Of course, I had to add a creepy spider to the web. Here’s how I did it:

Map pins, sequin pins and sequins.
A roll of black velvet contact paper and a piece of 1/2” foam.

Supplies: an 8 X 10″ piece of foam, Exacto knife to cut the foam to size, a pencil, paper and tissue for tracing, black velvet contact paper, silver and green sequins, clear beads and pins.

To start with, I searched free clipart on the web for a spiderweb and spider. Copying them into a word document, I sized them to fit my piece of foam. You can buy foam craft pieces at a craft store, or you can save the foam that comes in some packing boxes. I like to use 1/2″ thick pieces.

I used a roll of black velvet contact paper I bought online. Placing the foam over the paper I traced the outline and then cut the contact paper to size.

Next I traced the image onto a spare piece of tissue paper. Then I peeled the back off of the velvet contact paper and adhered it onto the foam piece. Once that was done, I simply pinned the image on top of the contact paper.

Time to get out my sequins and pins! I like to use between 1cm cup sequins, but you can use larger if you like. the larger ones do make the pinning go by faster. I also like to add a clear bead on top of my sequins, but you can skip this part if you like. I used silver to create the web and decided on a lime green for the spider. To make the spider look menacing, I pinned two red map pins for his eyes.

I completed this craft while watching TV. As the image started to appear on the contact paper, I started to get excited for the upcoming holiday. With each finished section I tore the tissue paper away to reveal the image. You can display the image vertically or horizontally.

For me, Halloween marks the start of the holiday season. This small sequin piece adds the perfect amount of sparkle and ghoulish fun to my walls. Happy Halloween!

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