Quick Wooden Ornament Craft

As a crafter, I like to make something special for everyone on my list at Christmastime.  But there is no way I could knit a scarf or complete a pin art masterpiece for everyone.  With work and family obligations, it’s impossible to turn myself into the nonstop crafting machine I aspire to be.  Still, since I love to craft, I usually start my Christmas planning before the ball drops on the New Year so I can try to make as much as I can before the next Christmas season.  One of the best seasons for craft buying is in the weeks after Christmas, when all the Christmas supplies go on sale to make way for Valentine’s Day.  I use this time to scour craft stores for ideas on what I will make next Christmas.  I love this time of year almost as much as the Christmas season.  It was in one of these discount bins that I found this month’s blog inspiration: laser-cut wood ornaments.

In my craft room, it’s always Christmas. I even keep a small Christmas ornament hanging by my desk all year. My way of showing love is through crafting. I much prefer hand-made presents than store bought. This fall, when I took out the small wooden ornament I had bought months earlier, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But this small craft turned out to be the perfect quick gift that is both hand-made and incredibly easy. The best part is that it can be used to dress up a plain gift bag or to simply hang on a tree.


 White, gray and light blue acrylic paint

Wood stain in cognac and golden pecan

Ribbon or burlap cord to tie ornament

Red, white and light blue Diamond Dotz

Tacky glue to attach the Diamond Dotz

Using both paint and stain, the project took less than a day. I first stained the ornament then painted it. That way if the wood stain bled I could easily hide it by covering it with paint. I decided to paint each snowflake a different color to give it a pop of color. To finish the ornament, I decided to add some Diamond Dotz to the snowflakes and to give the reindeer a red nose. The Diamond Dotz give the ornament a little sparkle when hanging on the Christmas tree. This project is the perfect reminder that a craft project doesn’t have to be complicated or big to show you care. Whether you add it to a gift card or attach it to a gift bag, these small ornaments are a perfect way to show you care.

Using some burlap cord, I attached the ornament to a bag as an added gift.

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