Valentine Pin Art

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to create a new pin art piece for the frame I have in my sitting room. I have a ton of extra foam sheets from a package I received a while ago. Instead of throwing it all away, why not create art with it?

Trace the outline of the foam on the paper side of the velour contact paper. Then cut and adhere to foam.

I used velour contact paper for the background of the piece. The soft, fuzzy texture feels great and it comes in a variety of different colors. It’s like a big fuzzy sticker. For this pin art, I chose red. Using a knife or blade, cut the foam to the size you want. The piece of contact paper I was using was too big, so I flipped it around to the paper side and traced the foam piece, then cut it to size. Then I was ready to adhere the velour paper to the foam board.

I mapped out colors beforehand.

Next, I went online to find some free clipart for inspiration. I settled on an image of several hearts floating in the air. I wanted hearts in all different colors, so after I printed it, I wrote on each heart what color sequin I wanted to use to help me later. Using a piece of tissue paper, I traced the image, careful not to tear the tissue paper. After I traced it, I decided to add some additional hearts to help fill the canvas.

Seed beads.
These tiny sequin pins can be purchased online or in a craft store that sells sewing supplies.

Once the image was traced, I used some pins to hold the tissue in place. Now for the fun part: sequins! I was having trouble finding sequins in the craft stores, so I ended up ordering a bunch at a really good price online. I also picked up some 1/2″ sequin pins and seed beads. Seed beads, like sequins, come in all sorts of colors, but for this project I used clear ones. The seed beads add a bit more texture, and they also help to keep the sequins firmly in place.

As with all my sequin pin art projects, I like to start out by outlining each shape with sequins. Once the outline is done you can tear all the tissue away. Then continue the rows of sequins until you reach the center. Using a 1/2″ sequin pin, I first place a seed bead on the pin, then the sequin. You don’t need to use a seed bead, but I find they help keep the sequins secure.

This project was a quick one, and I love the way it turned out. It’s the perfect project to do while watching TV or listening to a podcast. I want to continue creating a new pin art piece for every month of the year to brighten up my sitting room. When the sun beams into the room, the sequins give off a beautiful sparkle. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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