Coronavirus Model

When boredom sets in, it can sometimes be very hard to get teenagers out of their room and off the phone. Or in my case, Fortnight. Being stuck in the house during this pandemic has been especially hard on one of my children. I decided to raid my craft cabinet and lure her out with a craft I thought would be a timely one. Luckily, it only took a few inexpensive craft supplies and little bit of time.

In just an afternoon’s time, we created a decent model of the coronavirus. It also allowed me to use some of those cardboard toilet paper holders we’ve been accumulating. I added a stray piece of yarn to mine so that I could hang it. After it was finished, I used it as a teaching tool to show how the virus sticks to counter tops or can hang in the air. Sometimes kids (mine especially) need constant reminders to clean their hands and giving them a way to see an invisible virus can help. I decided to hang mine up over the sink to remind them to wash their hands when they come inside.

1 toilet paper ring, cut in half
1 foam ball (any size will do. I used a 2 inch ball for my model)
1 cm red pom poms.
Toothpicks (sometimes you can find toothpicks already colored red)
Red paint and a paintbrush
Gray paint
String to hang the model. (optional)

First, cut the toilet paper ring in half. This is now your holder for the foam ball. Place your foam ball onto the holder and paint half of the ball with the gray paint. Let it dry and paint the other half. While I waited for the ball to dry, I painted my toothpicks with the red paint.

After the foam ball is completely painted and dried you can move on to adding your toothpicks. You can stick the toothpicks all around the foam in any way you choose, but to give the model a uniform look, I started placing the toothpicks on the top, bottom and sides of the model first.

Then place toothpicks in the front and back.

After the toothpicks are placed, dip the tips of toothpicks in some glue. Then place the pom poms onto the tips. I did half the model and let it dry and then did the rest after that side dried.

Add a bit of glue to the top to add some string if you desire.

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