Wooden Brooches

I recently purchased some laser-cut wooden flowers while shopping at Joann Fabrics. They came in a variety of different flowers-they even had a bird. At only a $1.99, they were small and inexpensive. I grabbed a few and then headed over to the paint and Diamond Dotz section. While I shopped, I came up with a fun and easy idea on how to incorporate these tiny cut-outs into my work wardrobe.

I thought it would be fun to take these small wooden cut-outs and create some eye-catching brooches. I wear a plain black jacket at work. Usually, I wear a festive badge holder to give it some color, but I decided to create a few unique brooches to wear on the lapel of the jacket for the different seasons and holidays of the year. Plus, I love adding sparkle to anything. The flower cut-outs were perfect for Spring.

First, I painted the flowers and the bird. For the bird, I used wood stain for his feathers.

To give the flowers some depth, I used a sponge to apply a darker shade of color to the petals.

Diamond Dotz

Once the paint was dry, it was time to apply the Diamond Dotz. Since I was making brooches, I wanted to use an adhesive that was sturdy and keep the Diamond Dotz in place. I find Liquid Fusion is the best for this type of job. Since the tiny wooden cut-outs were small, they only needed a few Diamond Dotz.

The pin really stands out on my jacket.

To turn the flowers and bird into brooches, I bought some tack-backs on Amazon. Using the Liquid Fusion, I attached them to the back.

Tack backs.

I bought some more wooden cut-outs for St. Patrick’s Day on Amazon. I even transformed one of the leprechaun hats into an Uncle Sam hat for the Fourth of July. I love how they sparkle.

St. Patrick’s Day pins.
Uncle Sam pin.

I was so happy with the way my flower brooches turned out that I bought some more cut-outs for the coming months and holidays. They only took an afternoon to make and were inexpensive and fun. I can’t wait to find some cut-outs for the Fall and winter holidays. Happy crafting!

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