Measuring Cup Ornament

This quaint craft is perfect to do with your kids on a cold afternoon. After this flu/cold/COVID season, many of us have a bunch of those little plastic measuring cups that come attached to the top of cough syrup bottles. Instead of trashing them, I’ve come up with a small and easy craft to upcycle these cups into a fun Christmas Bell ornament.

To decorate my little bells, I scoured my craft room. This is a great craft to use up any scraps you’ve accumulated throughout the holiday season. I was lucky to find a small sprig of plastic pine, some tiny bows and glitter. You could also use tiny pinecones, ornament balls or just about anything. Have fun finding something unusual to make your bells unique.

First, I cleaned the cups thoroughly and dried them. Cough syrup is really sticky, and you definitely don’t want any residue on your ornament. Next, I had to create a hole in the middle of the flat part of the cup. To make this easier and to prevent the cup from cracking, I put a small bit of painter’s tape over the spot where I wanted the hole. I used a drill to create the hole, but you could also use a sharp nail and a little pressure.

To create the silver rim, I used some Mod Podge and sparkles. You can use glue, but I used Mod Podge since it was what I had on hand. Using two paper plates, I poured a tiny amount of Mod Podge and sparkles into each plate. Then I simply dipped the edges of the cup into the Mod Podge, then rolled it around in the plate of sparkles. Allow the rim to dry for at least an hour.

To make the bell function, I used a 5-inch length of embroidery floss and a bead. Folding the floss in half, I tied a knot with the ends. Then I threaded the bead to rest on the knot. I had to use a small amount of hot glue to keep the bead steady since the bead I used had a large hole. Then, I threaded the floss through the hole at the top of the measuring cup. I used a paper clip to help me get the thread through the tiny hole. Using some more hot glue, glue the thread in place, making sure that the bead is hanging about halfway down the bell.

Tie the ends together to hold the bead in place. Use a bit of hot glue inside the bead to keep the bead from slipping through.
Hot glue the thread in place.

Once the glue is dried, it’s time to decorate! This is where you can get really creative. Since the bells are tiny, i cut a piece of plastic pine sprig up into bits. I took two tiny bits of pine and glued them on either side of the top of this bell. Then added a bow.

For another bell, I dipped the ends of the pine sprigs into Mod Podge and sprinkled the ends with some more glitter. I simply poked the ends of the pine into a small block of floral foam and then dipped away. The floral foam makes a perfect holder to allow the Mod Podge to dry.

Poke the ends of the pine sprig pieces into floral foam.
Dip in glue and pour sprinkles over it. Presto! Icy pine sprigs!

I love taking something destined for the trash and turning it into treasure. Who knew cough syrup measuring cups could look so fancy? Most of the items I used for this craft were scraps from my craft room, so it cost next to nothing. I hope this craft inspires you to find something in your medicine cabinet, or anywhere in your home, and turn it into something special.

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